Quick flight to Phuket… met by the resort for a short 10 minute drive to the Nai Yang Beach Resort and Spa

We haven’t stayed in Phuket since 1988, so we are way out of the loop with where/which areas would suit us best, not to mention that the prices for most of the resorts are shocking. Our YouTube research led us to Nai Yang Beach which looked to be just about right.

The actual village of Nai Yang Beach is only about 3 blocks long situated between 2 national parks. No through traffic. With a vast beach, a shallow sea, and many trees to provide shade, this place has not been overly developed and has kept a bit of the old Phuket atmosphere.

Across the tiny street that runs parallel to the beach, you’ll find the inevitable tailor, a mini-mart, a diving shop, and a few shops selling batik clothing and beach toys. Like on any beach in Phuket, a little group of ladies stands by chit-chatting all day, waiting for the opportunity to give you a beach massage (300Bt/CA$12). The vast majority of tourists here are young Russian families… lots of toddlers and strollers.

We are so happy with our accommodation choice. Imagine, Sea Turtle Nai Yang Resort has been here for 20 years. It’s quickly apparent that they have been tending this ever maturing tropical garden and the result is paradise. All of the huge tree have ferns and air-plants, including orchids, growing all the way up to the top. There are 3 swimming pools. Our spacious room looks out over a garden and swimming pool. We are a 1 minute walk to beach which is sublime.

As I swim my daily laps in the Turtle pool, the tall canopy spreads over the entire pool giving dappled shade. Running through the foliage are lots of squirrels and myna birds. I saw a 4 foot monitor lizard the other day which was a treat. Siboya has 5 foot monitor lizards running all over the place (love those lizards).

We opted out of our resort’s included meals, so the first night we kinda went eeny-meeny-miny-moe… and settled on Mr Oody BBQ. Mr. Oody is the front man and Mr BBQ, while his wife, Phen does the woking. We enjoyed a great meal at one of his half dozen cloth adorned tables on the beach. All are under the canopy of many large mature trees. Looking sunset west, the beach extends flatly for about 50m before sloping gradually to the lapping waves of the Andaman Sea. Next stop India. Mr Oody and crew are super friendly people and have really good food. For the next 4 days, we had breakfast and dinner ON the beach.

Hired a Tuk-Tuk this morning for a few kilometre jaunt into the actual town of Nai Yang and had a delightful dim sum breakfast. Was fun to speed along chatting in Thai and broken english with our young driver. He initially refused our tip but humbly accepted when we insisted… been hard during Covid for many here in Thailand.

Poof…💨 we’ve been here 10 days already.

Feel so grateful to be able to live this life (thanks to my dearest Dr. Shaw).