2023-02-23 – The Long Road Back to Canada
The road home is always a love/hate situation. This year we tried to make sure we didn’t get caught in a flight delay, cancellation or general screwup.

We left Koh Phangan on Monday Feb 20 by ferry to Koh Samui. Originally we had planned to ferry and fly to Bangkok the same day. We revised that to include an over night on Samui. Case in point… when we arrived at the Phangan ferry, they said our rebooked ticket did not exist. AND they were sold out… WTF!!! Luckily a different company had seats and the boat was leaving in 10 minutes. Whew!

A lazy over night on Samui… taxi to airport… checkin and head to the lounge… have a 1 hour luxurious foot massage each. Short 1 hour flight to Bangkok.

Shuttle to one of the hundreds of transit hotels on the periphery of the Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK). Again a lazy overnight and back to BKK for a 2 hour flight to Singapore.

Arrived at Changi. Overnight at the short stay Aerotel Hotel in terminal 1.

07:00 flight on Singapore Airlines was a non-stop, 14 hour flight to Vancouver. Piece of cake in business class.

08:30 flight to Victoria was announced as 11 minutes in the air. They also announced 50k winds for our welcome at YYJ. Yikes, welcome to Canada, and a balmy -3C.