Carbohydrate Counter

Below you will find large collection of carbohydrate counts for several foods popular amongst low carbohydrate dieters. Keep in mind that serving sizes vary with recipes, so make sure you do the math! We know, math - UGH! Different brands may also have varying counts, so check your labels too. Happy counting!

Beans, Peas, and Soy Products Fruit
Beverages Grains, Hot Cereals, and Pasta
Breads, Rolls, and Muffins Meat and Poultry
Candies and Sweets Nuts and Seeds
Condiments, Preserves, and Spreads Prepared Foods
Dairy Products and Eggs Sauces
Desserts Snacks
Fast Food Soups and Stews
Fats, Oils, and Salad Dressings Vegetables
Fish and Shellfish