Life with Bob & Jellybean in 2001...

The kitchen renovations started way back in March... all was going along just fine then I landed that pesky thing called a job. As I started working for BC Buildings Corporation in April things in the kitchen reno dept really started to slow down.

The ripping apart always was the easy part. Knowing when to stop is the rub. One thing leads to another and before you know it things are way out of hand.

Well it's finally a done deal... the new cork floor, halogen lighting and base boards throughout is the finishing touch.


We stayed in Victoria for Christmas this year... first time in a long while. Joann's dad came down from Summerland and we just hung out. Actually went to a movie Christmas day... Lord of the Rings... don't wait for the video, see it on the big screen.

We were off to Thailand on January 6th for 5 weeks. Since 2001 was a fallow year, we couldn't wait! It was going to be a long haul... Victoria-Vancouver... Vancouver-Seattle.. Seattle-Tokyo... Tokyo-Bangkok... overnight at a new place, WE-Train International we found near the Don Muang airport... always wanted to get off the plane in Bangkok and have someone waiting with a placard that has "Patchett" written on it... next morning an early flight to Krabi.