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2015 - Morocco

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2014-2015 - Thailand... Chiang Mai and Kon Siboya

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2013-2014 - Thailand, Cambodia, Bali, Gilli Air, Bunaken Sulawesi, Borneo Kuching and Singapore

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2012-2013 - Thailand, Borneo (Kalimantan, Sabah and Sarawak) and Singapore

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2011-2012 - Thailand, Laos and Myanmar (Burma)

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2011 - Springtime in Paris and On Road in Morocco

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2010-2011 - Thailand, Cambodia and Laos

2009-2010 - Thailand, Laos and Bali

2008-2009 - Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and Bali

2007-2008 - Thailand

2007 - Amsterdam - South Africa

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2006-2007 - SE Asia
Bangkok > Siem Reap > Phnom Pehn > Sihanoukville > Phanom Pehn > Bangkok > Trang > Krabi > Phuket > Kuala Lumpur > Bali > Nusa Lembongan > Ubud > Kuching > Singapore > Victoria. 

2006 - Across the USA
In September we flew to Atlanta, Georgia to pick up our eBay Honda Element. Then we took three weeks to come back through Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, New Mexico, Utah, Idaho and Washington. More than 7000 kilometers. 

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2006 - July - Vancouver Island MusicFest (photos)
We spent 3 days at the VIMF in Courtenay

2005 - SE Asia
I had total replacements of both knees in Jul'04 and Nov'05... so back to Siboya Bungalows for a wee bit of R&R. We flew to Singapore, up to Krabi for 4 weeks; then back to Singapore overnight on the way home!

2004 - Singapore, Bali and Sarawak - No time off in Jan-Feb so went to Singapore, Bali and Sarawak (Borneo)

2003 - Cambodia and Thailand - Flew to Bangkok, quick trip to Ankor Wat (Cambodia), then down to Siboya for 4 weeks

2002 - Thailand - Two months in Thailand

2001 - At home in BC - We stayed home this year.

2000 - Thailand, Malaysia and India (and Pinky's Big Adventure)
Thailand again for The Millennium Party... then to India for a month and back to Siboya.

1999 - Thailand - Spent a wonderful 2 months on Ko Siboya, then disaster

1995 - Thailand - Two months in Thailand.

1994 - Thailand and Vietnam - Two months split between Thailand and Vietnam

1993 - Thailand - Two months in Thailand

1992 Thailand

 - Two months in Thailand

1991 - Stayed home this winter...

1990 - Thailand - Two months in Thailand

1988 - SE Asia - Six months in SE Asia

In late 1986 we sold the West End condo and bought a condo on the Fairview slopes over-looking the famous Granville Island on False Creek.

1986 - All possible stops to and from Perth on Qantas - Five months in California, Mexico, Tahiti, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Hawaii...

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Spent this year at home in a new condo in Vancouver's West End.

1984 - Off we go down the west coast to Mexico
I wrangled a 6 months leave of absence and we headed off to Mexico for the winter

Still working for CT&S on Vancouver Island in Victoria... Joann working at The Chandlery... 

This was the year of living on the road for CT&S on Vancouver Island... worked in Port McNeil with Harry Frost and Dave Bertoia from January till September... I bailed and moved to a job in Qualicum Beach. Joann moved up to QB from Victoria for a little semi retirement.

New Years Eve in New Castle, Australia... hitch-hiked to a party with the punk princess... caught a ride with a bible thumping military bomb disposal dude in a souped-up Ford Fairlane... he was all a twitch. Very scary!

Two months in New Zealand... two months in French Polynesia... back home around mid June... lived with Bruce and Bev till Sept... new deck...

Started back with CT&S mid September in Victoria...

1979-80 - One way ticket to Bangkok
Joann has been infected with wanderlust ever since I've known her. So here goes...

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