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You will be pleasantly surprised using Made’s Transport and Tour service. He’s a great friend and safe driver. As a Balinese native, Made knows all there is to know about Bali. He can show you the Bali you would never see on your own… and, at very reasonable rates.

Sleep: Padangbai Billabong (local te00 Puri Rai Restaurant

Sleep: Flashbacks $$

Sleep: Green Field Bungalow $$$ • Narasoma Homestay $$ • Tegal Sari
Eat: Tutmak • Casa Luna & Indus • Nomad  • Bali Buda Bakery


Air Travel Throughout South East Asia… The Best Regional Low Cost Carrier (LCC) is  (AirAsia – Online Only) (It is our advice to book early on popular flights to avoid disappointment… and the prices increase the closer you get to departure. Their slogan is “Now Everyone Can Fly” and everyone in SEAsia is! Also BEWARE regarding connecting flights. Make sure you read the T&Cs. We’ve been stung by having one leg canceled or changed so that we had to abandon one flight and rebook the next or previous day.)

Airline Tickets

Most airlines now require you to show the Credit Card used to purchase the tkts when you check-in.

Guide Books

Get a Lonley Planet Guide book, “South East Asia on a Shoestring” will cover most everthing. Prices will change but the basic travel info is static.

Credit and Debit Cards

Bring debit cards and CCs… notify your providers when and where you’ll be. (within reason)

Cell Phones

Cell phones usualy won’t accept foreign SIM card unless they are unlocked, but on airplane mode you can take full advantage of the very frequent WiFi. (bring an old GSM SIM phone or you can buy one here for about $40) Having a working phone is invaluable and SIM cards are cheap as chips in SEAsia.