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2000 #1 – Siboya and India
Flew to Thailand and Siboya Bungalows for the party to end the century. Y2K? Then headed with Glenn to do 2 months in Southern India. Even after all of our travels… how do spell culture shock ?

2000 #2 – India
Travelling from Tanjore to Madurai by train. Then by car and driver to Kollam the most southerly town on the Kerala backwaters. By boat up to Alleppey to hire a rice barge. On to the old city of Kochi and an evening watching a world famous Kathakali show.

2000 #3 – India and Thailand
From Kochi, with a new car and driver we climb through the tea plantations in the Western Ghats to the city of Mysore. After a week we managed to arrange flights from from Chennai back to Kuala Lumpur and Penang. Then we headed further north to Hampi and then south again for an overnight in Bangalore and a train to Chennai. Finally we are back to Siboya for some R&R.


1997 #1 – Malaysia, Penang – Thailand, Krabi – Siboya Bungalows
Flew into Malaysia this year for a short stay in Penang, the made our way up to Krabi and Siboya Bungalows.

1997 #2 – Thailand, Krabi – Siboya Bungalows
Spent the rest of this winter’s trip right here.

1997 #3 – Bali, Ubud
Left Thailand and flew to Bali for about a month. Wonderful accommodation at Three Brothers White House. Visited with fellow Victorian Mark who works as curator at the Bali Bird Park.


1996 – Thailand, Krabi – Siboya Bungalows and Bunaken, Sulawesi
2 months at Siboya Bungalows building Ban Patchett the headed to Bunaken Island at the very northern tip of Sulawesi for some amazing snorkeling.


1994 #1 – Thailand and Vietnam
We started in Pine Bungalows, waiting for Glenn who was in Borneo. After he arrived, we headed up to Kanchanaburi (Bridge on the River Kwai fame) for a few days before our flight from Bangkok to Hanoi.

1994 #2 – Vietnam
More adventures in Hanoi then took the train south to Hue. From here we hired a car and driver to take us to Hoi An just south of the DMZ.

1994 #3 – Vietnam
From Hoi An we travelled south to Nha Trang and then finally down to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)