This wedding was originally scheduled for August 2019, but “The Situation” got in the way.

Richard and Lisa’s meticulous planning and attention to detail came together… the result was spectacular. This was the BEST wedding we’ve attended.

The venue for the service, was Bill & Trudene’s fabulous Gibsons home and garden. 135 guests enjoyed appys and beverages to light jazz in the cascading garden over looking the vast views of Howe Sound.

The ceremony had all seated on the lower lawn with the wedding party descending the stairs under clear blue skies.

All guests were then shuttled to The Lazy Dog Farm where marquees, a dance floor and seating for all were in a white fenced paddock strung with endless stings of lights.

The speeches were a highlight, with humour and heart felt love, punctuated during any pauses by the large white tom turkey in the chicken run in one corner. Gobble Gobble.